Florida Taser Bill

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Florida lawmakers will soon decide whether to impose guidelines on law enforcement as to the use of tasers.

The Tallahassee Police Department's LT David Folsom is an advocate for the bill. He says the guidelines are needed because of public misconceptions of the taser.

If it becomes law, Folsom says law enforcement officers will only be able to use a taser on someone who is actively resisting arrest, being aggressive or trying to escape. It would also require annual training.

LT David Folsom says, “We've already adopted as policy guidelines for the use of the taser that are incorporated into this bill. This in essence provides policy for all of Florida law enforcement and proper use of the taser."

The Tallahassee Police Department helped create the taser bill. LT Folsom says the bill has to pass one more committee in the Senate before it is voted on.

The bill is also close to a vote in the House.