Two Too Many?

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The Business Action Council is asking questions and bringing attention to the idea of change in the school systems.

President Monty Lewis says, "The Business Action Council doesn't have an agenda. We don't have a dog in this fight."

The organization says they are looking at the merger from a financial standpoint.

Monty Lewis says, "Apparently it costs about twice as much to educate a child in the city school system as the county, due to the county building new facilities and trying to maximize their efficiency."

Thomas County School Superintendent Dr. Larry Green says the idea of a merger comes up every few years.

Dr. Larry Green says, "We just really do not see an advantage at this point in time with the merger of the schools. I feel strongly that both of our school systems are very viable."

Thomasville city school officials say they've heard public chatter but have never explored or even discussed the possibility of a merger.

Dr. Green adds, "We have two football teams, basketball teams, band, music, academic programs, so if you had a merger and you ended up with one high school you'd probably limit some opportunities that children have."

Could Bulldogs and Yellow Jackets mix? The Business Action Council says they don't want the schools to lose pride. They just want citizens to study the facts and make up their own minds.