WCTV'S New Home

It was moving day for the WCTV family, so no reporting or anchoring on this day. Instead we were moving boxes and tons of equipment into our new state of the art facility.

"It went fairly well, went smoothly. Everybody pitched in. We had everyone from the station out here over the weekend to help us move, which is in stark contrast to when we moved out to County Road 12. I happened to be on vacation that whole week and I didn't get a chance to move. That was not the case this time," shared anchor Frank Ranicky.

It's a huge endeavor to physically move an entire television station, but the technological advantages we'll have are well worth the effort.

"The biggest, grandest toy is still to come in about a month or so. That's all I'll say about that," added WCTV Chief Meteorologist Mike McCall.

"It's a big surprise. We don't want to give it all away too soon, but it's huge," said WCTV meteorologist Rob Nucatola.

So not only is WCTV's new home larger with cutting edge equipment, we're now located right off Capital Circle near the Thomasville Road overpass.

"At this location here on Halstead, I'll be able to go to football games which makes my job easier because now I'm actually watching the game live and it gives me a better perspective so I can report on it better, and I think do a better job on set anchoring," said WCTV sports anchor Melissa Maikos.

All of this is meant to serve you, our viewers, even better than ever before. All of us at WCTV look forward to continuing our award winning coverage of this area from our new headquarters.