Volunteering for Spring Break

The Gulf Coast is still cleaning up from Hurricane Katrina, six months later. Here’s a follow-up on a group of college students who went to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

One group of college students didn't plan a cruise to a tropical island for spring break, they packed up with tools in hand to help three families rebuild in Bay St. Louis Mississippi.

Many had no idea just how bad the devastation is.

Rachel Graham, the trip organizer, says, "We took a tour of the city, but the bus was just silent ‘cause the students were like, ‘it looks like a bomb went off here; it looks like a war zone.’ I mean, it's been six months and trash it still piled up all over the side of the road."

After the initial shock, students got right to work for five days straight; 26 helping bodies, 52 hard working hands, all to make a difference in three families’ lives.

Kacy Gilbert volunteered her spring break and says, "I was a little overwhelmed because I was thinking there's not much we can do because there's so much destruction. I didn't think we'd really have an impact."

Elise King also volunteered her spring break and says, "It was amazing working with those families. I loved being able to talk with them and just seeing their gratefulness that college students would spend their week to rebuild."

These students say they would give up their vacation again just to see smiles on the faces of those they've helped.

Many members at Thomasville Road Baptist Church helped fund the students' trip.