School Board Speaks on School Closing

It can be traumatic when your child has to go to a new school. Monday night Leon County school board members were dealing with concerned parents, addressing unanswered questions about the probable closing of Caroline Brevard Elementary School.

Sam Jenkins says he does not want to uproot his two sons from Caroline Brevard Elementary School. If the Leon County school board approves to let SAIL High School move in, he will have to.

Sam Jenkins says, "Why would they close this school being that we have a well populated school? Why would they close this school being that we have some of the best teachers here?"

The school's principal notified parents about two weeks ago of the high possibility of Brevard closing. During a meeting Monday, school board members addressed unsettled parents like Jenkins.

Latoya Peacock added, "I'm kind of disappointed because the simple fact is the school is right close to the center where my kids go. Now I'll have to find another after school for them because I work until about 5:00. I have nothing else to do. I'll have to find another job.”

School board officials say Brevard's enrollment has dropped because of more and more college students moving into the area.

The elementary students would be reassigned to Oakridge, Riley, Ruediger, or Sabal Palm Elementary Schools where capacity is under 90 percent.

If approved, the change will go into effect for next school year beginning in August.

The Leon County school board will make the decision whether or not to close Caroline Brevard at its regular meeting Tuesday night.