Farm Bill Hearing in Valdosta

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Discussions are taking place on the federal farm bill program that brought the congressional agriculture committee to south Georgia.

Rep. David Scott says, "These are the people that have to make these policies work. We need to hear from them on the farm bill."

In a nutshell, the bill's purpose is to look after the needs of American farmers.

Rep. Jack Kingston says, "Tries to make sure that farmers can make a living and that Americans have an abundant and cheap food supply."

Written in 2002, it's time to review the current farm bill and pass an updated version in 2007.

Kingston says, "People don't want us to completely throw out the existing farm bill the way we do it now, but they do want some changes around the edges."

Georgia farmer Donald Chase says, "There are some things we need to fine tune and this was an opportunity to discuss with this committee about how we would like to see some changes take place."

Two of the issues that arose were international trade and immigration.

Hahira farmer Fred Wetherington says, "Some kind of common sense, workable, guest worker program, that's not bureaucratic red tape, is something that would be beneficial to both side."

More than 100 farmers showed up to be a part of this discussion that they hope will make it back to Washington.

Anyone who could not attend this hearing and would like to comment on the farm bill is encouraged to contact Rep. Kingston's office to do so.