Madison Deputies Cleared

Two Madison County deputies who shot and killed a man last month have just been cleared by a grand jury.

Twenty-one-year-old Gerard Pritchett was shot and killed February 9 as deputies tried to arrest him for violating his probation. The deputies say Pritchett grabbed a gun and a baby and holed up in the bathtub.

A grand jury announced Monday night that the deputies were justified in shooting Pritchett that night.

Pete Bucher, Madison County Sheriff, says, "Both officers involved in that unfortunate tragedy over in Greenville were initially on paid leave and then were brought back to do some work, administratively primarily, but now they will be back to the actual performance of their full duties."

The deputies involved were Mark Jost and Allen Whigham. This is the second time Whigham has used deadly force in the line of duty. He was cleared in a 1998 shooting too.