Commissioners Seek Input From Citizen Committee

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As home construction continues in Thomas County, residents such as Bob Hutchison will help solve the county's growth dilemma.

Bob says, "I don't think that there's anybody that I'm aware of that's not for growth. We want some kind of controlled growth, some kind of growth that's beneficial to every citizen in the county, and I think that's what we're looking for."

Hutchison is a member of Thomas County's citizen's advisory committee. For months, commissioners have toiled with issues such as how many acres a home must occupy in an agricultural area.

Hutchison says, "That's an issue, I think, that's probably one of the key issues."

Monday, commissioners were set to vote on such changes but decided instead to turn it over to the advisory committee.

Elaine Mays, Thomas County Commissioner, says, "It didn't seem like the commission wanted to make the choice of getting rid of it totally or making a decision to go forth with it."

Leaving the county's growth issues in the committee's court.

Hutchison adds, "I think we can meet a happy medium, and that's what I think we're striving for, reaching a happy medium between the number of acres and what owners can do with it."

And to reach that compromise, Hutchison and citizen's advisory committee will start off with a series of public hearings.

Commissioners say they chose the committee because the group is already working on a comprehensive growth plan for the county.