Brevard Elementary Closing

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Eleven-year-old Desmond Sumner says he loves his school, Caroline Brevard Elementary.

"I like the education I have, the teachers don't go off track, off subject, they keep it to the real and let us know, we don't need to act, we don't have time to waste, they don't either and we need to get our education done."

But starting next fall students at Desmund's school will have to get accustomed to new classmates and teachers.

"It’s like taking a fish out of water so now they have to struggle. The teachers have to get to know them. They have to get to know the teachers. Sometimes that transition can be very devastating to a young child," said Brevard parent Sam Jenkins.

Tuesday night the Leon County School Board voted in favor of turning Brevard into SAIL High School. The School Board says moving the high school students to the southwest side of town gives them an opportunity to take advantage of resources offered at FSU and TCC, both within walking distance.

It also disperses the young students who now attend a school that's under capacity.

"We have 50 schools in this community and some of those are at 55 percent capacity and we have others that are busting at the seams that are at 138 percent capacity. We've got to really look at how we're allocating those resources and our tax dollars and making the most efficient use of those," said school board member Dee Crumpler.

Though it'll be a bit of an adjustment, Brevard parents will be able to choose where they'd like their children to go to school.