Battling Mercury in Immunizations

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It's true some of your child's vaccines may contain mercury, mercury that many moms think can do more harm than good.

Susan Goldstein is on a crusade. She wants to eliminate the use of mercury as a preservative in children’s immunizations, and she may just have the power to do it.

As a representative in the Florida State House, she's pushing for a change.

Susan Goldstein says, "House bill 491 would prohibit vaccines containing mercury from being administered to children under the age of three and pregnant women."

She says children under the age of three cannot deal with the neurotoxin as well as older adults, and she says this change is already taking place at the Department of Health.

Ann Waltz of the Leon County Health Department says, "The vaccines that are provided to the Health Department through the Federal Vaccines for Children program gives us vaccines that are in most cases single dose vile vaccines where the preservative is eliminated or very minimal, so efforts are being taken to provide vaccines that are preservative free or have very minimal amounts of preservative in them."

Eight states have already banned mercury in vaccines for young children. Ten other states are considering bans, including Florida.

Rep. Goldstein says parents with concerns about mercury can request an immunization without the preservative for their own children.