NAACP Takes Up Reservists Dispute

The Tallahassee branch of the NAACP is accusing the Leon County Sheriff's Office and the U.S. Forestry Service of violating the civil rights of several Army Reservists.

Several NAACP representatives met with the U.S. attorney’s office Wednesday morning, turning over what they say is evidence that a deputy and a forest ranger falsified their reports in an altercation with reservists at Silver Lake last summer.

Dale Landry with the Tallahassee NAACP says, "Understanding what it means to deploy, especially in these times when these soldiers are going into harm's way, then all of a sudden we turn around and we get this kind of egregious conduct where they're falsely accused of doing something and then law enforcement tries to paint the picture to the public that these soldiers had done something wrong, and this has to stop."

There are no formal lawsuits or complaints filed at this time, but NAACP members call this the first step. The Sheriff's Department says it reviewed this incident last year and found no misconduct. It's not aware of any new evidence in the case.

Denise Rains with the U.S. Forest Service says it too found reservists complaints of mistreatment "unfounded" but says the Forest Service takes this seriously and would gladly review any new evidence.