Medical Minute: Refresh Your Skin

They just keep getting younger, or do they just keep looking younger? But you don't have to live in Tinseltown to get the look.

Sue Meyer says, “If this could just take 10 years off, I’d be real happy.”

Dr. Susan Weinkle fills Sue Meyer’s wrinkles with a new skin filler called Radiesse.

“There are no allergies because it’s a totally synthetic product.”

A cream numbs Sue’s face before Dr. Weinkle injects the filler and massages it. A treatment of Radiesse costs between $800 and $1,200 and lasts about a year.

“It is one of the most exciting things we have had in dermatology in a long time.”

Another filler, Restylane, can be used to enhance lips. It costs between $500 and $600 and it lasts four to six months.

Lin Hall had Restylane injected in her lips, but today she’s getting a different filler called Sculptra.

“I start to get these sort of deeper lines here, and it makes me look like I’m frowning.”

Sculptra is a volumizer. It works with your body's cells to fill an area.

Dr. Susan Weinkle says, “The polyactic acid is going to stimulate your own cells to make collagen.”

Sculptra costs between $850 and $2,000. It lasts up to two years.

“So this is really the longest-lasting product we have had.”

What does Lin think of her new look?

“I don’t look like my mother anymore!”