Medical Minute: Men, Myths, and Skin Care

More than 20 million American men are losing their hair. Who’s to blame?

You might have heard baldness is inherited from your mother’s father, but Dr. Robert Weiss says that’s a myth.

“You’re probably in trouble though if both your mother’s side and your father’s side are bald.”

To reduce the risk, drink up. Two glasses of wine a day are shown to slow hair loss by preventing the liver from breaking down as much estrogen.

Dr. Weiss says Rogaine and Propecia can help. Nearly 80 percent of men say shaving irritates their skin.

“Oh, it’s terrible. If you shave with a razor, bumps you all up around here.”

“The curlier your hair is, the more likely it is to, as it’s growing, to grow back into the skin and create a bump.”

To minimize the ouch factor, get the beard thoroughly wet, shave with the grain, don’t repeat strokes and relax your skin. Finally, unwanted hair is a big problem for many men.

“That seems to be something that bothers women a lot about their, their mate.”

But you can skip the waxing and shaving. New lasers can zap a back-full of hair in less than 20 minutes. They work on faces, too.

“It's starting to permeate into male consciousness that you actually can do things.”

They are things that will keep that man in the mirror smiling back.