Wheel-a-Thon Rolls in Awareness

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People were wheeling their way around Lake Ella Saturday morning in the First Annual Wheel-a-Thon.

The Ability First High School program organized the event. Most of the participants were students who have a disability, but not one that requires the use of a wheelchair.

Judith Barrett, the Ability First executive director, explained, "Often times we look at these folks as having limitations and when you participate in an activity like this, you find out that it's our abilities we're focusing on."

Alex Brown, a Wheel-a-Thon participant, added, "I've noticed that, you know, it's a lot harder than what people make it out to seem. I only did two laps and I don't even want to do another lap. I got blisters all over my hands and I also just, it was just a big deal with everyone being more aware."

The students of Ability First High School's high tech program organized this event to bring about awareness and raise money for their activities.