Waterline Break

Already dealing with dry conditions, many Wakulla County residents woke up to no running water Easter morning.

The cause was a 10-inch waterline break along Woodville Highway just north of the Bloxham cutoff.

Tallahassee utilities got a call a little after five Sunday morning about the break. The pipe delivers water to St. Marks, Riverbend Plantation, the Wakulla station, and the Purdom power plant.

Crews worked through the morning to get the pipe repaired, but believe some breaks can be avoided.

James Love, the manager of Water Distribution and Collection System, says, "The pressures start building up in our pipes higher than usual when we get really heavy consumption, and that's why we're asking people to try and take it easy washing their lawns now in this drought season."

Along with disrupting water service, the cracked pipe caused minor road damage, nothing bad enough to reroute traffic.