Water Conservation

With the exception of last Saturday's rain, mother nature isn't producing April showers. Meteorologists say below average rainfall in March is hurting our area now.

The chance of rainfall is quickly washing away. Florida's panhandle is now suffering from a moderate drought, and meteorologists warn our area could be next.

Tim Barry, a meteorologist with the National Weather Center, says, "Unfortunately, April is our second driest month of the year, so we're coming into a period of usually less then three to four inches of rainfall. So on the heels of a very dry March, if this continues we could be classified in a drought in the next month or so."

Barry says 2005 saw above normal amounts of rainfall, but unfortunately 2006 is not looking the same. With little rainfall in the forecast, City of Tallahassee officials are urging residents to conserve water.

They don't want anyone to panic, just be aware.

Michelle Bono, a city spokesperson, says, "It's not a matter of not having enough water, it's a matter of high demand on the weekends and trying to make sure we keep enough pressure in the system to make sure everyone has the water they need."

To keep customers satisfied, city officials offer tips for conserving water. They ask that residents water landscaping sparingly, if you don't have to don't wash your car, and Bono says most importantly, "If you're watering your lawn we ask that you do that early in the morning; that's one of the best times."

Officials hope with these tips and a little help from mother nature our area won't be talking droughts much longer.

Meteorologists say we could be stuck in this dry spell until the summer months where afternoon thunderstorms happen almost like clockwork.