Family Fun Night

Welcome to Taylor County’s School District's Family Fun Night at the Shady Grove Adult Education and Community Center. Here, parents get a one-on-one with their child's teachers and administrators, outside of the classroom environment.

"Some great information passed back and forth. What we want to do is to make parents a part of our school system, and this is just one way we're trying to do it,” explains Supt. Oscar M. Howard.

"This gives us an opportunity to go into the communities, meet with the parents, meet with the children, listen to them. We can get a better understanding of their needs and how we can assist them,” adds Wanda Kemp, Director of Instruction.

Faculty and staff members from each school site were present getting the chance to become closer with parents.

"It's great to educate the parents on what they need to know to help their children succeed in school and in life in general,” comments parent Brenda Taylor.

Everyone had fun to the sounds of the Taylor County Middle School jazz band.

"I'm happy my mom brought me here,” second grader Mercedes Taylor says.

And of course, with music and dancing there was plenty of food. Taylor County schools' Family Fun Nights are sponsored by Title One and are a part of the No Child Left Behind community outreach program.