Earth Day Is Recycling Day

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Can after can, it "can" all add up to tons of recycled material and help save landfills from extra waste. That's why Rob Kuhn says he wants his kids get in the habit of recycling.

"It helps the kids to learn that at a young age because natural resources aren't, you know, they're not as plentiful as they used to be. It's just a good thing to teach them," Kuhn explained.

That's also a reason why the City of Tallahassee, Leon County, Tri-Eagle Sales and Home Depot say they hold this recycling event, and they also add an incentive.

"People can recycle everyday, but this specific event where we're paying for the cans is our Earth Day event for 2006. It's a one day event where we're paying people," says Adam Schlachler, who works for Leon County.

As folks bring in their cans, their collection is weighed and they are paid 30 cents for each pound, and each of these bins can hold up to a ton of cans.

Edith Quinley brought in about 400 pounds of cans to help fill up a bin.

"I knew at Earth Day, I've recycled before, I just knew this was a good time to recycle because it's one place I know I could recycle," says Quinley.

People could also opt to donate their money to one of the county parks. Organizers of the Earth Day recycling event said they hope to collect about three tons of cans.