Roses Ready for Thomasville Rose Show

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Roses throughout Thomasville are in full bloom, a welcome change from this time last year.

Gwen Ridley, Director of Public Works, says, "They are absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could take credit for it. We're gonna have to give credit where credit is due, and that is the master gardener upstairs."

Growers say last year's cold weather was to blame for the delay in bloom, but this year the weather has been extremely hot.

Rick Thomas, Vice President of the Thomasville Rose Society, says, "That really boosted the blooms this year, unlike last year when it was so cold - we were a week behind. I think this year most of us were a week early."

It’s early blooming, but just in time for the festival, and organizers say the beautiful roses attract thousands of people, generating money for the city.

Karen Smith, Director of Main Street, says, "We have lots of visitors to the city for the Rose Festival, so all the hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts are packed, and there will be a lot of people from the area driving in as well."

They’re all coming in to celebrate the roses that give Thomasville its name. Festivities for the Thomasville Rose Show kick off this Thursday at 10 a.m.