Annual Event to Remember Community Conscious Man

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Thirty-three-year-old Sylvester Davis loved football. His mother said he fell in love with the sport as he played for Rickards High School, but he loved his job working with kids at a Tallahassee community center even more.

"Children were his passion and the kids at the center were his passion," said Aurora Hansen, his supervisor at Lawrence Gregory Community Center.

But all that ended when he was found shot to death in his home last October, and even though there are still no arrests for Davis' death, his family and friends want to be sure to honor his life.

"Doing this tournament today, I mean, you know, hopefully it'll get out and you know, and it'll be more people want to donate their time to this. And this money's going to be used in a dedication for an athletic scholarship for a boy or girl at Rickards High School," explained Karl Slater, Davis' cousin.

The Tallahassee Police Department said they've been actively investigating the death of Sylvester Davis since he was found shot to death in his home six months ago. They also say they don't close cases until they're solved.

"I know someone out there might know something, and the community just got to get together and just say, if I hear someone that knows something, turn that person in," said Davis' mother, Helen Gainous.

Family and friends say regardless of when Davis' case is solved, they'll keep his legacy of loving kids and sports alive by making this tournament an annual event.

In addition to flag football tournament named in Davis' honor, the Lawrence Gregory Community Center where he worked is planning to have a celebration in his honor on June 3.