Local Neighborhood Fears Immigration Visit

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services are keeping one local community on-edge.

Many immigrant families are fearful of deportation.

Word of US Citizenship and Immigration Services being in town has spread through Live Oak, especially in one heavily Hispanic-populated neighborhood.

"Friday night, I watched them take quite a few of them out of the park Friday night,” says Live Oak resident Jennifer Nicole Bruce.

This news worries Lupe Paris as she has to work from house to house as a cook. She does not have legal papers.

"I'm scared that Immigration will come and take me and the babies. I have two babies. I work for the babies, I work for me. That's enough. I don't need anymore, I only need work.” Paris says.

“People are afraid to come out now. They are afraid to take their kids to work and to school,” Hispanic American Juan Pecina comments.

Suwannee County school officials elected not to comment about absenteeism in local schools. However, residents tell us Hispanic families have been keeping their children home.

"I have a seven year old that goes to Suwannee Primary with most of the Spanish children here in this trailer park. But most of them are at home today because they are scared to go to school,” says Jolina Turner, mother of four Hispanic American children.

“As far as I know, Immigration has no right to go on school property and take children out of the school room. Especially the ones who were born here in America,” adds Christina Davis, whose husband is Hispanic.

Local authorities say they were unaware of CIS’s visit.