Officer of the Year Recognized

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DET Grady Jordan has been a law enforcement officer for 13 years, serving in the jail, on the roads, on the SWAT Team and now in the vice-narcotics unit.

Although he's behind the scenes taking illegal drugs off the streets almost daily, this day he's getting city and countywide recognition.

Receiving the highest award of its kind at the 25th Annual Officer of the Year Banquet, Jordan took home a plaque and more than $1,000 for his service to his community.

"It just feel god to be recognized. It really does. It's exciting and there's a lot of people, officers in the room that are highly decorated and it feels good to join that group," said Jordan.

Jordan's hard work doesn't go unnoticed. The sheriff applauding him for a major drug bust that shut down an ecstasy lab in Flagler County last year.

"That was manufacturing 1,000 pills an hour: a major factory which the federal government, all local agencies came in on because of the size of it and he is doing things like that on a very regular basis. He's an excellent officer. I'm just proud as I can be of him."

That federal drug case earned Grady recognition and now an honor he'll never forget.

The committee of 99 adds an additional award this year for distinguished service.

The first honoree is LT Richard Howe, taking home $500 and a plaque engraved with his name.