Rains Bring Smiles to Farmers' Faces

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A few days of steady rain are just what local farmers like Mike Barnes were looking for.

"It was a welcome rain, a truly welcome rain. We were glad to see it."

Much of south Georgia and north Florida have been under drought-like conditions since March, and that dry spell was not good for planting crops such as cotton.

Mike Barnes, a Georgia farmer, said, "It was getting a little critical, we had a little moisture where we could plant cotton, but it was getting critical."

But relief has arrived. The Thomas County Agriculture Extension Office reports that the county received more than an inch of rain this past weekend.

Don Clark, Thomas County Agriculture Agent, said, "In some of the fields where we had marginal moisture conditions, we have enough moisture now where they should be able to go ahead and plant."

And with the dry spell hopefully behind them, planting is exactly what farmers like Mike Barnes plan to do, and they say more rain is always welcome.

Though dry weather did put some springtime crops behind schedule, local farming experts say the soil stayed cooler longer this spring, meaning the crops did not fall too far behind.