Rose City Gang Awareness

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Even in a community as small as Thomasville, police say gang activity is real, though they're more likely to be called posses, crews and clicks.

SGT Rachelle Denmark of the Thomasville Police Department said, "We do have some gangs that are non-traditional. They're usually kids that get together and try to imitate your traditional gangs that you see, like rap artists. They portray in their music and videos or in movies and things that they're seeing."

Organizers say the main goal of this workshop is to be an eye-opener for the community.

Mark Fomby, Prevention Services Coordinator, said, "They're going to drive through neighborhoods that they've been driving through for a long time and they're going to notice stuff that they haven't seen before and they're going to go, 'aww.' That's what I hope to leave them with."

Fomby says warning signs can include tagging, graffiti, or kids hanging out on street corners dressed in similar colors.

Denmark added, "These non-traditional gangs either become a part of a traditional gang like the crips, bloods or gangster disciples, or they just fade."

Fomby said, "It's not just a police problem. It's a city problem which involved everyone in the city, in the community."

Police say any suspicious activity needs to be reported, a way to get a handle on the problem before it gets out of control.

Thomasville police say having school resource officers and offering education programs on gangs and drugs helps them get in touch with kids in the community.