Downsizing Madison Hospital

The administrator at Madison County Memorial Hospital is trying to write the perfect prescription to get the facility back on track financially. As a result, several jobs were slashed in hopes of curing the hospital's financial ills.

Madison County Memorial Hospital's new administrator, David Abercrombie, is embarking on a new mission of getting the facility financially sound, and he's doing that by cutting 16 jobs throughout the rural hospital.

"It starts out being a matter of cash flow, so we're actually over-staffed and we had a low cash problem, so we felt it best and immediate action was to reduce to excess position."

The hospital administrator says the facility has been in the red financially and cutting the 16 positions will help them financially and keep this hospital open for area residents.

Right now the critical access hospital has a $500,000 shortfall. Downsizing those jobs will save the facility $400,000 and help them cure all their woes.

Abercrombie added, "We'll spend the next months reorganizing and restructuring how we do things to try to make it more efficient and then the idea is to become more financially strong, more responsive to the community."

It’s a community that is in dire need of a new facility, but will not get off the ground if the hospital is still bandaging its financial wounds.

Abercrombie said several of those employees who were laid off have been able to secure jobs elsewhere. The hospital has a financial impact of $20 million in the rural community.