Fallen Heroes Honored at Memorial

Florida's law enforcement officers honor the memories of their fallen comrades.

A ritual that no family should ever have to partake in is the pinning of a flower to represent a loved one lost in the line of duty.

Krista Austraw-Donohoe's husband was a Pensacola police officer who was killed in a car accident in 1997. She attends the law enforcement memorial every year.

Krista said, "I think it's really nice because it keeps him alive for me and my two children from him. I think it's important for them to remember him too."

Seven new names called out at this year's memorial in the Capitol courtyard honoring Florida's fallen heroes, bringing back memories of Tallahassee's slain policemen over the years. The latest is SGT Dale Green who was shot during a home invasion call in November 2002.

CAPT Kelly Burke with the Tallahassee Police Department said, "Reserve Officer Warren Gay died right before I started. But then I remember distinctly Ernest Ponce de Leon and the day he was killed, that funeral, and all that went on with that. And of course SGT Dale Green, who was a very good friend of mine. I remember him almost every day."

The families are also honored for making the sacrifices that allowed these officers to make that ultimate sacrifice.