Man Shot During Bar Brawl

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There was a big brawl at Big Kahuna's; now the search is on for the man who decided to pull out a gun and fire.

At last check the victim is listed in serious condition. It happened just after closing Thursday night at the nightclub on North Monroe.

Sheriff's deputies say several club-goers got into a fight. Then someone pulled out a gun and fired.

Several bullets hit the victim, but he managed to knock on the door and get an employee to call for help.

"There was a large fight and during the fight a subject came from the crowd and shot one of the individuals in the fight. The subject then ran off on foot with the gun and has not been seen since," said SGT Chris Chase with the Leon County Sheriff's Office.

The suspect is described as six-foot to six-foot-three in height and weighing 230 pounds. He was last seen with long dreadlocks, wearing a red and black polo shirt and short pants.