Wiccans Sue Florida State Revenue Department

The Wiccan Religious Cooperative of Florida is a modern pagan church. They worship mother earth and are closely connected with the goddess-based religions.

The Orlando group sued the State Revenue Department because they were denied a sales tax exemption for religious materials.

Their attorney was telling the high court if Wiccans are not entitled to an exemption, other mainstream churches shouldn’t get one either.

Barbara Pariente, Chief Justice, said, “Would you say that everyone ought to be taxed? Is that what you’re seeking?"

Heather Morcroft of the Wiccan Religious Cooperative of Florida said, “Yes. In terms of, well, all religious publications should be taxed and in fact that argument, that WRCF was seeking not to be taxed, was also considered in Budlaw, but what it really comes back to is the complaint about the unconstitutionality of this statute is the fact that it’s content-based and there is no way to fix that.”

The court is not being asked to decide on the constitutionality of the tax exemption for religious materials. The issue now is whether the Wiccans even have the right to sue in the first place.