Librarian Gets Surprise Gift

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At the end of the school year, many parents give teachers a thank you gift, a small token of appreciation.

This year a faculty member at Sealey Elementary got much more than she ever expected. Because of the students' success, a parent gave a $600 check to the media specialist who will use it toward upgrades in the television production studio.

"I was shocked when I saw the check. I said, ‘are you sure this is for me?’ And he said, ‘yes, it is for you to use as you would like to use in the media center. You've done a wonderful job and I'd like to thank you,’" said Lenita Joe.

Akshaya Rath says he's so appreciative of how much Joe has taught his son.

"When he was still grade two she would read the Sunshine State Books to them, which he could not read by himself completely and understand, so she was active and took an interest in the children's education."

Rath's son says in all his time spent at Sealey Elementary, he always enjoyed TV production.

Now his sister can one day enjoy the new equipment that's coming, as she'll be entering Sealey as a kindergartner this fall.