Asthma Camp

Nine-year-old Tommie Hill has been battling asthma for three years. His mother says he's an energetic boy who's learning to manage his disease through the help of Camp Easy Air.

Leny Garcia-Hill, Tommie's mother, says, "Have him realize he's not the only one that's going through this, and he's very active and still has asthma, so there's no limitations."

And that's what Camp Easy Air is about, showing kids if they manage their asthma properly they can do all kinds of activities.

Heath Farmer, a camp counselor, says, "The camp is designed to allow kids who have asthma to go to a normal camp. We go to the pool, we do outdoor activities, we do education, and because all the kids have asthma we try to teach them how to manage their asthma."

Helping to educate the children are the camp counselors, some of which are respiratory therapists. These experts know what to do in case one of the campers has a little too much fun on the playground.

Juana Stewart, Director of Camp Easy Air, says, "We taught them to check their peak flows. It's their ability to blow their air out and measure that air to see how well they can breathe."

Mrs. Hill says she believes this is exactly the kind of summer camp Tommie needs.