Child Play Turns Deadly

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A Tallahassee family is grieving after 12-year-old Theo Jackson was shot in the head.

"Right now the family is taking it pretty hard because he was a 12-year-old child, and it’s very hard on the family and stuff, so we're just holding on the best way we know how," said cousin Veronica Johnson.

In her neighborhood and in the neighborhood where the boy lived, residents are feeling for the family.

"It hurts so bad because he is just a minor. He's so young, he ain’t even begin to live his life. To be taken away at such an early age, it's incredible, it's mind boggling," said James Burton, who lived next door to the boy's family.

Tallahassee police say Theo was playing at his friend’s apartment Thursday evening. No parents were home. They say someone had a gun and Theo pulled the trigger, firing the bullet right into his own head.

"He got shot and he ain't nothing but a 12-year-old, a little kid," said 12-year-old Denari Sharpe.

DeKendrick also lives in the neighborhood where it happened and can't believe it happened to one of his friends.

"I found out, it was heartbreaking because me and him hang out a lot, we see each other when we play around, we play slap ball, we do a lot of stuff together, and I'm just so upset that he got shot."

Family is saying his bright smile leaves them with bright memories.

"Theo Jackson, just a sweet person and never did nothing. He helped anybody that he can and anything anybody needed he was there for anybody," said Johnson.

Right now police are not saying where it came from or whose it was, or if anyone will be held responsible for failing to lock up that gun.