Supreme Court Begins Construction to Stop Water Seepage

Fla. Supreme Court Press Release:

TALLAHASSEE – Safety fences are being built around the Florida Supreme Court Building as work begins to stop water seepage into the basement that destroyed more than 11,000 library books.

“We are now beginning to take care of this problem,” said Chief Justice Peggy A. Quince. “The fence that you see being erected around the building is the beginning phase of the water intrusion project.”

Sidewalks around the Court Building as well as the main front entrance will not be blocked by the fence. The fence will protect the public from heavy machinery needed to excavate around the external basement walls to fix cracks discovered several years ago.

“We are taking every step possible,” said Quince, “to ensure that the public has access to the building and that any inconvenience is minimized to the full extent that public safety permits.”

By 2006, the water intrusion forced the library to discard 11,646 library books worth about $37,000 that had suffered enough damage that they no longer were usable. Court staff had to clear out areas of the basement, install dehumidifiers, and use water vacuum cleaners whenever there was a heavy rain.

The rate of water intrusion has grown greater over time, so the Court sought and received legislative funding to permanently fix the problem.

The repair work is expected to last several months.

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