New Hospitalist Program at Archbold

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Doctors can expect some extra help in caring for patients in the hospital.

The next time you go to Archbold, instead of your doctor a hospitalist could be taking care of you.

Mel Hartsfield, the vice president of Medical Affairs at Archbold Hospital, says, "A hospitalist is an in-hospital service provided by physicians who remain in the hospital around the clock in which they admit patients, they manage patients throughout their entire hospitalization."

If you are admitted to the hospital and your primary doctor cannot be there, a hospitalist steps in.

Dr. John Zipperer, the Director of Hospitalists at Archbold Hospital, says, "We're not there to replace their doctor; we're here to help provide an additional layer of coverage."

These are trained doctors who act as an extension of your primary doctor at no extra cost. Doctors say a large percentage of patients don't have insurance and can't pay.

Dr. Zipperer says, "Archbold still seeks to make sure these patients get the care they deserve by bringing us in."

Dr. Zipperer says the hospital will work with patients when it comes time for the bill, which is great news for patients short on cash and needing that extra layer of coverage.

The hospitalist program is growing in Thomasville. They have three on the job right now, but expect to have five soon.