Two Dead in Prison Shootout

Gunfire erupted in the lobby of the Federal Detention Center, and when it ended two people were dead, a federal agent and one of the guards he went to arrest.

Gunfire erupted in the lobby and spilled out the front door of the Federal Detention Center. The evidence markers and shell casings are everywhere.

The FBI isn't saying much, but confirms that federal agents were there trying to arrest six guards when one of the guards resisted.

Michael Folmar, FBI Special Agent and spokesperson, said, "Approximately 7:42 this morning during the arrest, shots were fired, three individuals were shot. Two of those individuals were fatally wounded."

The dead include a federal agent who works for the inspector general and a prison guard who his lawyer confirms is Ralph Hill, who's worked at the prison for more than 10 years. Sources say it was his truck towed from the parking lot with a law enforcement star on the plate.

Tim Jansen, Hill's attorney, said, "It was a shock that all of this took place, especially in a federal prison. My heart goes out to the families of the victims and of my client’s family. It's a tragedy in so many ways."

Hill was one of six guards just indicted by a federal grand jury, accused of having sex with inmates in return for bringing alcohol and other contraband into the prison.

OFC John Newland of the Tallahassee Police Department said, "They're still trying to talk to some of the victims, still talk to witnesses, trying to verify what happened inside this facility."

So far, federal agents are tight lipped about what happened in the minutes and seconds before the shooting. Who fired? How many times? Who returned fire? They are all questions we are anxious for the FBI to answer.

Late Wednesday afternoon the FBI confirmed the identities of the shooting victims: Inspector General Agent Buddy Sentner of Orlando, and FCI prison guard Ralph Hill. A lieutenant survived the shooting and is hospitalized in stable condition. His name is not being released yet because agents are having trouble notifying his family.

FBI spokesman Michael Folmar says agents went to make the arrests at the prison thinking it was a controlled environment. He confirmed the prison guard shot at agents with his own personal gun. Its investigation will certainly look into how the prison guard was able to get that gun into the prison in the first place.