Prison Shooting Reaction

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The slain Justice Department agent William "Buddy" Sentner worked for the Secret Service before joining the Inspector General's Office in 2002.

Sentner's family and friends are still coping with his death. Sentner's father describes his son as well disciplined; a kid who never got into trouble.

Sentner joined the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General's Office in July of 2002. The Inspector General's Office investigates allegations of misconduct among its agency employees, which include complaints from the $160,000 U.S. Bureau of Prison Inmates in federal facilities.

Federal prosecutors say Sentner was a committed agent with a bright personality. Neighbors share the same sentiment.

"He's trying to make the world a better place and goes to talk to someone and says, look, you are supposed to be working with me making the world a better place, but you're not, so I'm going to serve you, and then they kill him. It's crazy. This world is crazy and he was good guy, nice to my daughter, nice to my family."

Sentner is survived by his wife, parents and two siblings. We have learned new information about the gun battle between Sentner and correctional guard Ralph Hill.

Our colleges with CBS News report Hill shot a prison employee first and then took off running. Agent Sentner gave chase and they ended up shooting each other to death.

The FBI's shooting review team arrived in Tallahassee around 11:30 Thursday morning to begin their investigation of piecing together the tragic turn of events.

There is no timetable on when to expect their investigation to be complete.

The five guards were arrested Wednesday. They will make an appearance before a judge Thursday afternoon to see if they can be released on bond. Wednesday they all pleaded not guilty to the charges.