Scam Lawsuit

No doubt many of you have seen commercials promising consumers a lucrative business opportunity, but instead of making thousands or million as promised, many are losing money.

Steven Kinary is one of hundreds of unsuspecting consumers who was lured into a business venture by a company called Global Resources. He was promised a computer outfit that would net him quite a bit of money, and so he invested only to find out it was a scam.

Steven Kinary says, "I do know people who was taken for $108,000, and that poor woman lost her home, and she is elderly."

So Kinary decided to do his own investigation. He soon discovered a Web site posted with hundreds of complaints about Global Resources.

Kinary adds, "I contacted the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, who actually did an excellent job in causing Global to stop operations, but also in helping us with a judgment against Global Resources and Stewart Pope."

After a lengthy investigation the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services was able to secure a $2.2 million judgment against the now defunct Global Resources.

J. R. Kelly says, "Unfortunately a judgment is only worth the paper it’s written on. We look to see if there is assets to be attached and file a judgment with the bankruptcy."

Kelly says consumers need to beware if it sounds too good to be true. The company has since filed for bankruptcy, but Kinary hopes to go after the owner's house in south Florida.