Ralph Hill's Family Reacts

We're learning more about who Ralph Hill was. They're not talking to the media directly, but through her attorney, Ralph Hill's wife, Toni Hill, is expressing her deepest sympathies to other families involved.

We are told the family is having a very difficult time dealing with what's happened.

Ralph Hill's been described as a courteous man; polite, and cooperative. On Thursday his family still has no answers as to why he would open fire on federal agents.

Bill Waters, the attorney representing Toni Hill, said, "Obviously Mrs. Hill was shocked and surprised when she learned of the events and allegations, and she wanted to express to everyone involved, the families especially, her deepest sympathies and her prayers for everyone with hopes that we can all get through this."

So distraught over Wednesday morning’s shootings, Hill's wife is only speaking through her attorney.

Waters tells WCTV the couple had been separated for about a year and that she had no idea he was under investigation. She would learn of the events by turning on her TV.

Waters said, "She was as shocked as anyone."

Ralph Hill's attorney, representing him since November, says he had no indication of what would happen, saying Hill had a clean criminal record with no history of violence.

Tim Jansen, Ralph Hill's attorney, said, “He had been there 11 to 12 years. He was in the Air Force for eight years, he had an honorable discharge, so this action, if this is really whatever happened, is totally out of character for Mr. Hill."

As Hill's family sorts through the reasons why, the FBI is piecing together a series of events in a tight lipped investigation, also trying to figure out why and how.