Indicted FCI Guards in Federal Court

Three of the prison guards accused in the sex for favors scandal at FCI will remain behind bars, but two others were released late Thursday afternoon.

Friends and family came to Tallahassee's federal court house Thursday afternoon as the five guards pleaded "not guilty" to federal conspiracy charges.

In court Thursday, each of the attorneys argued his client deserved to be free on bond.

Prosecutors contend one of the guards, Gregory Dixon, was fleeing the prison, running at full speed and had to be arrested at gunpoint in the parking lot. Dixon denies that. He says his shift was over and he was leaving for the day. He'll remain behind bars until trial.

So will Alfred Barnes and Alan Moore, but Vincent Johnson and Lavon Spence were released.

The judge said Spence appeared to be less involved in the conspiracy than the rest and Johnson is credited with tripping the alarm and administering first aid to one of the federal agents who'd been shot.

They're under house arrest and cannot visit FCI, nor have any contact with any employees or inmates there.