New Wal-Mart?

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The Wal-Mart camp is proposing to redevelop the old Sam's Club lot on North Monroe Street into a small supercenter about 120,000 square feet.

A Wal-Mart spokesperson says they are willing to take care of any environmental impacts, will limit the truck delivery times, and curve light and noise pollution, but some residents say they don't want Super Wal-Mart moving into their neighborhood.

Sandy Beck, a Lake Jackson resident, said, "We have a lot of questions. We have a lot of concerns and I know that no one in our neighborhood is going to shop at a Super Wal-Mart."

Eric Brewer with Public Affairs for Wal-Mart said, "The main part of the project is really focusing on reflecting the local neighborhood's concerns. To that point we have identified over 1,500 residents who are close to the location who support the store and are very excited about that."

After hours of questions and debate, the board was unable to make a decision requesting additional information. The board will meet July 13 and make a final decision on the Wal-Mart then.