New Plant Boosting Local Economy

From across the world all the way to Georgia, a German company is calling Thomasville home.

Wilo-Emu manufactures water pumps and has announced its North American headquarters is going to be built in Thomasville. The 60,000 square foot building is supposed to be complete in the spring of 2007.

Some say the new business will boost Thomasville's economy.

Don Sims, President of the Chamber of Commerce, says, "The biggest problem that rural economics has is gaining credibility. We believe that this will help us in overcoming that credibility gap."

Terry Rouse, President at Wilo-Emu, adds, "Until this year they have not had a presence in the United States, so this is our first venture in the U.S. This location, new plant will be the headquarters for North America Wilo-Emu."

The plant will bring less than 100 jobs in the first year, but say there is room for growth. They will also involve the technical school for training.