Bureau of Prisons to Review Policies

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is reacting to Wednesday's shoot out at a Tallahassee prison. One of its own guards sparked the gun battle with a personal weapon he smuggled inside.

The bureau says it has considered searching staff for many years but believed the searches were unnecessary and could undermine staff morale. But after Wednesday's shootout, the bureau says it will reevaluate the policy, including investigations and arrests of staff.

WCTV caught up with Florida's Department of Corrections on Friday. The agency says guards at state facilities are randomly searched, a policy reaffirmed by the shootout.

James McDonough, Secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections, said, "I also note the breakdown in the system and I'm reminded we have to be vigilant all the time, keep our system in place and make sure we have checks and double checks."

Ralph Hill, the federal prison guard killed in the gun fight, was one of six guards accused of trading contraband for sex with female inmates.

Two of the men were released on bond Thursday; three others remain in custody.

Gunshots also killed federal agent William "Buddy" Sentner from Orlando. He was in Tallahassee to assist with the arrest of the six guards. A third person was injured.

An FBI investigation into the shooting continues.