Hazing Victim's Attorney Speaks Out

An attorney voiced concern over the FAMU fraternity hazing case. The victim, Marcus Jones, was allegedly beaten on FAMU's campus four months ago.

His attorney asked the FAMU Board of Trustees to consider how Jones has been effected by the ordeal as they determine the fate of the alleged hazers' education.

The five Alpha Kappa Psi brothers kicked out of school for beating Jones appealed the dismissals last month.

Jones's attorney awaits a decision.

Dawn Whitehurst, the attorney for Marcus Jones, said, "He had a scholarship here at the university. He no longer has that scholarship. He is now back in Georgia at home with his parents and his life is at a state of uncertainty. He is uncertain as to what his life will be like at this point."

The university general counsel says there may have been orders passed down for some of the fraternity brothers, but says she has not seen them yet.