Harris Lagging in Polls

Congresswoman Harris gets 35 percent of the vote in a Republican primary against three relative unknowns. That’s down from 37 percent last month.

Challenger William McBride of Orlando gets 16 percent, up from 13 percent a month ago. The largest number of votes goes to “don’t know,” with 38 percent.

Harris is still leading her challengers, but the gap is narrowing.

Peter Brown of Quinnipiac University said, “It’s still hers to lose, but the fact that she can’t get any higher against three unknown candidates shows that there are a lot of Florida Republicans who don’t want to vote for her for the U.S. Senate.”

Harris campaign spokesman Chris Ingram says the campaign is not concerned with the polls, and he doesn’t think voters of Florida are concerned about polls this far out either.

Ingram says Harris fully expects to be the nominee following the September primary and expects to be victorious in November.