Meth Bust in Grady County

It looked like a scene straight out of a movie, police cars chasing after a suspect, but this is real life.

It started at 3029 Pine Park Road in Cairo, Georgia as authorities served a search warrant Friday evening at a home suspected of housing a methamphetamine manufacturing lab.

Commander Joey Autrey, with the Southwest Georgia Drug Task Force said, "We have found components and ingredients of a meth lab as well as finished product. At this time we have five people in custody."

Although there was not an actual lab set up, three people remain in the Grady County Detention Center.

Kevin Hammonds, Jamie Lynn Trammel and Allen Jones are all facing charges stemming from conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine.

Authorities say meth labs are becoming an all too common sight, but this bust went from bad to worse when a baby was found in the home.

CAPT Tim Gainous with the Grady County Sheriff's Office said, "We were taking care of the youngest of victims in this ongoing battle against meth. We took custody of an infant child following our protocol established by the Georgia Alliance Drug Endangerment in Children. We took the infant immediately to the local emergency room to be checked out."

Having removed a child from the home, authorities say more charges could follow.

As for that car officers chased after, the occupants were taken into custody and authorities say everyone is cooperating.

The three that remain behind bars bring the total to just about 10 meth related arrests in the past week for this area.

Authorities say they hope making so many arrests in such a short period of time will help put a dent in the amount of meth labs in southwest Georgia.