Teen Report: Keeping Cool on Hot Summer Days

For some teenagers summer means a summer job or babysitting younger siblings and not a lot of time left to meet up with friends, so outings can be extra special. Visiting a city pool, or picnicking by a nearby lake offers a way to beat the heat this summer.

Summer here in Florida is undoubtedly hot, but it doesn't have to be. Here are a few cool places to hang out once the summer starts to sizzle.

A cheap and easy way to cool down is a visit to any of the six city pools in Tallahassee. The Trousdell Aquatic Center offers an Olympic-sized pool where you can find many teens hanging out this summer.

Susan Jacobs has worked at the Trousdell Aquatic Center for the past two summers.

Susan said, "I like it even though it's a little hot."

Combining work with play gives Susan a way to fill her summer days.

Susan said, "A lot of the friends I have work here, because I tell them they should work here."

Another cool place where you'll find teens working and playing is at FSU's reservation, nicknamed The Rez.

Felipe Millon, a staff member at the FSU reservation said, "We are open to the general public as well as FSU students. We offer canoes, and kayaks and sailboats if you are sailing certified."

Whether you're looking to play or work this summer, there are plenty of places to do both.

Susan added, "If you can handle the responsibility it's a lot of fun and I think it gets you prepared for jobs you'll have in the future."

Labor market and economic analysis found that an average of 2.4 million teenagers nationwide enter the workforce each summer.