Summer Fun: Reading!

A local community is making sure students don't lose their interest or skill level in reading while on summer break.

Taylor County canine deputy Jeremiah detects marijuana in an unlikely place, the public library. Unfortunately, this is also an unlikely place for a crowd of young people once school is out.

Pamela Grigg, director of the Taylor County Public Library, said, "Many studies have been done showing that students who do not read during the summer lose skills. It's hard to believe, but it's not just a matter of not gaining skills, but you actually go backwards if you don't read during the summer."

The Taylor County Public Library has changed that this summer with its reading program. It promotes reading with story time, reading groups, and presentations such as this visit from Deputy Harper Gibson and K-9 partner Jeremiah.

Mary Beth Johnson, nine-years-old, said, "I think reading is cool and it's fun for kids. I liked petting the dogs because I love dogs. I have a dog of my own. Well, we have a dog."

"We love coming here I'm so thankful that in a small town we have this kind of program. The children love coming to hear the stories and check out books. We just really enjoy it."

So after Jeremiah hits the streets again to help fight crime, library personnel hope the children continue to hit the books.

The reading program is held every Thursday at the Taylor County Public Library. It ends July 20.