Seniors Urged to Seek Advice With Health Care Benefits

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Tallahassee resident Gail Downing volunteers with Florida's Department of Elder Affairs. She says a lot of seniors get lost in the paperwork of health insurance, Medicare info and prescription medication forms.

"If the paperwork gets overwhelming for you, get in touch with a relative or a really good friend in town; maybe they could help you," said Downing.

"It's really frustrating. As we get older we are not as competent as we were when we were younger," said Tallahassee senior John Word, who advises seniors to seek help from their nearest senior center.

"The Senior Center really works at that, to help people with explaining the changes in the medical program. AARP does a good job. Even the retired teachers or other retired groups have programs," added Word.

As free advice, Downing tells seniors to keep up with all paperwork received from their doctor and from Medicaid or Medicare.

If you are a senior and need help with a particular issue you can call Florida's Elder Help Line at 1-800-96-ELDER, or 1-800-963-5337.