Thomasville Auto Burglaries

An unlocked door, a cracked window; police say it's a waiting invitation for crooks, and lately more criminals are jumping at the opportunity.

This month alone Thomasville officers have already seen 12 break-ins.

DET Scott Newberry with the Thomasville Police Department said, "Most of the people are leaving their cars unlocked. We've had a high number of cars left unlocked; it's just making it so easy for the criminals."

Joseph Lundy says he knows better. He's even gone a step farther and uses an alarm system in his car.

"I always lock my car doors. People just break in cars getting what they can, and I have a system in my car also. They'd love to get my car."

Even though some residents are taking extra steps to protect their vehicles, break-ins are still occurring throughout the city.

Here's advice to decrease your chances of becoming a victim: Officers say always lock your doors and never leave anything valuable in plain sight, and if you see something out of the ordinary, report it to the proper authorities.

SGT Rachelle Denmark with the Thomasville Police Department said, "Looking in car windows, checking door handles as they're walking through parking lots. That is suspicious behavior, and that's probably going to lend to criminal activity."

As for the auto bandits, officers say they have a few suspects in mind, but no arrests yet.