Children With Learning Disabilities Get Some Extra Help From FAMU Students

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You never know during the course of the day whose life you are going to affect. For Joshua Godfrey, the undivided attention he gets from his mentor, helps him defy the odds.

"He is autistic and was diagnosed with developmental delays and speech and language disorders from an early age," says Lisa McClelland, Joshua Godfrey's mother.

"I learned Math and Social Studies and English and that stuff," says Joshua Godfrey.

Franklin Academy pairs college students with children that have learning disorders. This week the students from FAMU came to lend a helping hand.

"It's waking up early on a Saturday. But it's a good feeling to come out and show you can make a difference in the community by helping one these children learn something they didn't know," says Nathaniel Holston a FAMU student.

Working with the college students gives the kids at Franklin Academy the confidence they need to chase their dreams.

"I want to be a chemist because I like science. That's my favorite subject," says Brannon Cloy a Franklin Academy student.

For Joshua, the time he spends with the college students makes all the difference.

"He loves to come to school. And he's able to learn at his own pace, which is important," says McClelland.

"It feels great because they're awesome and it helps me out a whole lot," adds Godfrey.

Joshua says he hopes to one day to be an artist or work in television.

The students at Franklin Academy have seen a boost in grades and interest in schoolwork since they started working with their mentors.


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