Rolling Meth Lab Bust

A rolling meth lab was discovered at one of Tallahassee's busiest street corners of Thomasville and Timberlane.

Deputies recovered a film canister with a small amount of meth inside, but more disturbing, they say, was finding all the materials needed to make more; packages of cold medicine, lithium batteries and even rock salt.

Deputies say the two men in the white Datsun had purchased it all within hours of their arrest.

SGT Chris Chase, Leon County Sheriff's Office spokesman, said, "These products were bought within minutes and hours of each other from store to store, so they didn't bring too much suspicion when they were going to each store. However, they would go from store to store to try to obtain as much as they could to get products they needed to make meth."

Under arrest is 35-year-old Edwin Cooper of Perry, Florida, and 39-year-old Kevin Holland of Jakin, Georgia.

Both men deny that the meth making materials were theirs. Also in the car was a scanner that was locked into a police frequency.